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...It is with great pleasure that we inform, enlighten, entertain, educate and empower you, our audience. Consider this as our "Open Window Rebirth" presentation. Thanks for supporting us in prayer and praise before and during our "light inconvenience" from 2005-2008; but we are back!! We wish Pat and Joyce many days of God's best, peace and loving care for each other as so ordered by Him. God is good all the time; maybe during a show, the producer/director here will give a portion of his miracle encounter and success story... ...Open Window's mission and goal is to, "lead my people in the right way, show my people the right path." For episode suggestions, please email: info@openwindowtv.org, we will listen and consider your suggestions. Please consider supporting this programming financially. You may use the paypal "Donate" bottom to your left on this website for your secure donation.
We remain, Management Lead by God

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"Lighting the way into the future, together"

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